Dex Protection D-BOX PROLINE Large- Green

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    Our Proline Deck Boxes are our most advanced storage and protection systems to date.  Each deck box has a modular design with separate removable compartments to easily organize your cards and accessories.

    The large model contains three separate compartments.  The first is capable of storing 115+ double sleeved, standard sized cards.  The second is optimized for storing 75+ double sleeved, standard sized cards while the third compartment comfortably holds additional accessories such as dice, tokens, sleeves, etc.  Each compartment is fully removable and modular with other Proline models.

    • Three interchangeable, modular compartments
      • First compartment stores 100 double sleeved, standard sized cards plus additional room for accessories
      • Second compartment stores 75 double sleeved, standard sized cards
      • Third compartment for additional accessories
      • Real Suede interior
      • Superior magnetic closure

    - $35.00

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