Future Card Buddyfight: Ace Booster Pack Alt. Vol. 2 - Blazing Overclash Booster Pack

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    Heads-up collectors! Every Future Card Buddyfight Blazing Overclash box is guaranteed a BR, SP, a bonus SECRET pack or RRR card!! You can collect powerful, foil cards easily with Blazing Overclash. This set contains cards from S-SP and S-UB04. It hosts many popular monsters from the past series, including the Thunder Empire led by Batzz, and Chaos monsters led by Geargod. Meanwhile, some beloved characters like Ikazuchi and Kazane are also getting long-awaited enhancement to their decks! Get ready for the new cards of Hundred Demons and Mixed Worlds!! Included World and card types are Dungeon, Star Dragon, Dual Cards, Hundred Demons, Dragon, Danger, Magic, Katana, Legend, Hero, Ancient, and Darkness Dragon. There are 116 different cards in the set - 4 BR, 10 SP, 20 SECRET, 10 RRR, 12 RR, 24 R, 18 U, and 18 C. Each box contains 30 packs. Each pack includes 5 cards, one of which is a rare or better. Bonus SECRET packs, RRR cards, and Parallel foils are randomly included.

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