Cardfight!! Vanguard V Extra Booster 13- The Astral Force Extra Booster Box

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    * Featuring cards used by "Shinemon Nitta", "Tatsuya Tachibana", and "Ryuzu Myoujin" from the new series!

    * Strengthen the decks that make use of the new "Astral Plane" ability for {Genesis} from Booster Pack Vol.07 "Infinideity Cradle" and Trial Deck Vol.09 "Shinemon Nitta"!

    * Build a deck that enhances the overall power of your "Astral Poet" units!

    * The {Angel Feather} that "Tatsuya Tachibana" uses utilizes the damage you have taken to unleash powerful effects, improving their use of the damage zone!

    * Also featuring cards that revolve around the use of Imaginary Gift: Protect II!

    * For {Gear Chronicle}, there is a new gimmick that powers up by using more cards from hand, paving the way for a more aggressive playstyle!

    * Also featuring cards that bind and produce effects, providing further support for the current playstyle!

    * The trump card of "Ryuzu Myoujin", "Chronofang Tiger", is included too!

    * 8 reissue cards: "Prime Plaster", "Critical Hit Angel", "Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza", "Bouquet Toss Messenger", "Sunny Smile Angel", "Steam Bomber, Digul", "Roly-poly Worker", "Steam Doctor, Mar-tash"

    * A VR or SVR will definitely be included in every display!

    - $50.00

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