Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings: City States - First Blood Warband

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    Box Contents

    • 8 Selinoi/Satyroi
    • 4 Agema
    • 1 Minotaur Haspist
    • 1 Lochagos
    • 1 Aristarch
    • 14 Infantry Bases
    • 4 Infantry Stands
    • 1 Cavalry Base and Stand
    • 9 Command Cards
    • 1 First Blood Quick Start Guide
    • Assembly Instructions

    Product Information

    • Assembly & Painting: Required. 
    • Box size: 34x17.5x7.5 cm; 700grs
    • Material: Plastic regiments. Resin Characters.
    • Scale: 38mm

    Your City States First Blood Warband has 15 miniatures. It includes a 4 piece stand each of the Satyroi, Sellinoi and Agema, a Haspists Minotaur, an Aristarch and for the Officer, the Lochagos. This boxed set also comes with a First Blood Quick Start Guide, all needed Command Cards with QR codes to play and scan in the app for the free army builder, and rules, along with the bases and stands for each of the figures, and Assembly Instructions. While this is a perfect Warband to start your First Blood play, these figures are also ready to play in the Last Argument of Kings mass fantasy battle game on the provided movement trays.

    - $50.00

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