Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings - The Spires - Lineage Prideborne

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    Box Contents

    ●   1 Resin Miniature
    ●   1 Cavalry Base
    ●   1 Cavalry Stand
    ●   1 Command Card

    Product Information

    ●   Assembly & Painting: Required.
    ●   Box size: 10.4x7.4x3.8cm; 300grs
    ●   Material: Resin
    ●   Scale: 38mm, Height: 12cm


    Amongst the Lineage Elders who indulge in the base carnal satisfaction of combat there exists a small, but very dedicated and influential, minority for whom the slaughter of lesser foes has lost it's luster. Many of these hoary ancients have found a new purpose and joy not in the indiscriminate slaughter of unworthy rabble, but rather in the patient, collected and premeditated hunt of a worthy foe. They have taken to looking upon the foe not as enemy, but as prey. And like all hunters they take pride in the well executed hunt. Not for them the mindless drive into combat, but rather the patient stalk, the flank and rear charge, and then the unleashing of the murderous potential of their Avatara projections.
    How they Play:

    A faster more agile, ranged variant of the Lineage Highborne construct, the Prideborne leads Leonine Avatara to battle enhancing their ability to engage targets at range and providing some much needed additional maneuverability!

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