Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings: The Spires - Leonine Avatara

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    Box Contents

    ●    3 Plastic Miniatures
    ●    3 Cavalry Plastic Stands
    ●    3 Cavalry Bases
    ●    1 Command Card

    Product Information

    ●    Assembly & Painting: Required.
    ●    Box size: 30x15x6cm; 300gr
    ●    Material: Plastic
    ●    Scale: 38mm, Height: 12cm


    It did not take long for the Avatara Program to catch on with the Sovereign Lineages. While the Centaur Avatara appealed to a portion of their more wealthy patrons, a few debauched souls have come to view the battlefield as the perfect hunting ground. They have commissioned a new form of Avatar body, one that can stalk its prey amongst the clamor of battle and lose itself to the thrill of the hunt. Spire commanders routinely seek them out on the eve of battle, knowing that the damage they will cause to the foe’s plans far outweighs the difficulty of guiding them to the right target.

    How They Play:

    The Leonine Avatara are the Sovereign's premier tool for delivering devastating ranged support over medium ranges. Accurate, Armor Piercing and impervious to all but the most dedicated assailants, the Leonine are invaluable as a mobile ranged firepower platform.

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