DCC Dying Earth #9 - Time Tempests at the Nameless Rose

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    A 2nd level adventure.

    Goodman Games is proud to present DCC Dying Earth #9: Time Tempests at the Nameless Rose. An expensive dinner bill sends the characters on a quest through time and space, traveling back to the Dying Earth’s distant past to aid—or thwart—one of three magicians. The players’ choice of who to aid has ramifications on both the adventure plot and their long-term future!

    Time Tempests at the Nameless Rose is the latest adventure in the DCC Dying Earth line based on the incomparable works of Jack Vance. The adventure features all the backstabbing and magical rivalry one would expect from the Dying Earth and is intended for 2nd level characters.

    A copy of the DCC Dying Earth Boxed Set is suggested to play this adventure.

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