Warp's Edge

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    Warp’s Edge is a solo bag-building game of space combat. Pilot one of four starfighters, which each have their own unique weapon loadouts. You’ll be facing off against one of five alien motherships and its accompanying fleet. Every matchup offers a different challenge, pushing you toward new strategies and tactics. You have a limited number of warps to succeed, so choose wisely as you improve your arsenal and learn new skills!

    In this box you will also find a choose-your-path storybook, Singularity, written by Banana Chan. This sets the stage for the events of the game and reveals Taylor’s backstory. You can even customize the game setup based on the narrative choices you make!

    Warp’s Edge designed for a Solo Hero of 10 years or older to enjoy in 30-45 min.


    • 109 Pilot Tokens

    • 2 Starfighter Dashboards

    • 3 Mothership Dashboards

    • 18 Skill Cards

    • 27 Enemy Cards

    • 1 Hull Marker

    • 1 Shield Marker

    • 1 Warp Marker

    • 1 Mothership Marker

    • 5 Damage Markers

    • Rulebook

    - $35.00

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