Wizard Kittens

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    Number of Players: 2-4
    Playing Time: 15-30 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 7+

    Wizard Kittens is s semi-cooperative set collection card game. Play as kittens who have accidentally released a few curses from the library’s restricted section. The library is supposed to be a place of quiet and contemplation, with no noise, no playing, no yarn-- and definitely no magic! Now you and your friends must defeat the curses fast before you’re caught by the librarian, Professor Whispurr!


    • 48 Ritual Component Cards
    • 4 Kitten Mats
    • 4 Spell Tokens
    • 5 Sets of Chapter Cards
    • 12 Extra Credit Cards
    • 12 Curses
    • 6 New Rule Cards
    • 1 Chaos Cat Card
    • 1 Caught! Professor Whispurr Card

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